Why PlayCheapGames?

I love video games. I look forward to the biggest, most hyped up video game releases of the year and keep up with the latest news on related websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels. Mainstream media will always focus on the latest, most expensive, full-priced video games because new releases are exciting and the related content will always generate the most clicks and the most money. As a consumer of video games and related content, my attention is inevitably drawn to the most expensive and newest video games. However, I am certain that there are my hundreds if not thousands of cheap video games that I haven’t played, haven’t finished, or should consider replaying while I wait for the latest $70 game (that I’m on the fence about anyways) to go on sale or appear on a subscription-based service. Therefore I created this website to force myself to play cheap games and I’m sharing the result of this research that nobody asked for. You’re welcome.

I think it’s also fun to min/max video game deals. When that $60 game is on sale for $9.99, I get excited. The $50 I saved isn’t life changing money, but a number of good deals added up can make a difference in the long run.

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